Emergence Capital (Public Equities)


SaaS Stocks is a case study given out by Emergence Capital. Although Emergence Capital is a venture capital firm without a public equities division, this case was given out to test a candidate's knowledge of analyzing public companies.

This case study is designed to test the candidate's ability to analyze three SaaS stocks relative to one another and then summarize their finding on a single excel sheet (yes, the firm really does only want one sheet as the final deliverable). The case is purposely designed to be open ended as it wants to assess the candidate's ability to creatively layout their investment thesis on which of the three stocks provides the most compelling investment opportunity.

Does not include solutions

  • SaaS Stocks Price: $27 (Selected via Custom Plan)
  • All Case Studies Price: $97 (Grants access to all 58 cases)


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Public Equity



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Model Only


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