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Vertex Group is a case study given out by Ares Credit.

This is a long format case that is designed to replicate one of the responsibilities you'd have as an associate at the firm - screening new investment ideas. What makes this case study difficult is its open ended nature, as it requires the candidate to conduct research on what structure, interest rate, etc. they should recommend for a potential debt investment in the Vertex Group. Additionally, while the case study does provide high-level financials, granular drivers purposely aren't given. This means that the candidate must conduct outside research to come up with reasonable projections.

While the case has a heavily technical focus (full three statement model requested, recommended debt terms, etc.) it also is meant to assess a candidates ability to analyze a business - specifically one with two distinct end markets.

Does not include solutions

  • Vertex Group Price: $27 (Selected via Custom Plan)
  • All Case Studies Price: $97 (Grants access to all 58 cases)


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Private Credit



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Model & Presentation


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