Are solutions included?
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Our case studies currently do not include solutions. While our initial vision was to include 1) case studies, 2) solutions, 3) video walkthroughs and 4) follow up interview questions, the amount of incremental work associated with items 2-4 would have delayed the launch of this service significantly.

As such, we've chosen to launch now with our extensive case library and build out/upload the corresponding solutions overtime.

Is there customer support?
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We currently do not offer customer support. Interview Xchange is run part time by an individual, and as such, customer support is not provided due to the time burden it would impose

How does pricing work?
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Every individual case study costs $27 and the All Case Studies plan, which grants access to every case study on the platform, costs $97. Note that if you purchase an individual case study for $27 that does not count as credit towards the $97 (i.e., it does not reduce the price down to $70)

What is your refund policy?
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We do not offer refunds

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