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Customer Data Systems is a case study given out by Industry Ventures, a venture capital firm with ~$5 billion in AUM that has three core strategies: secondary investments, primary fund of funds investments and direct co-investments. Customer Data Systems was a case study given by Industry Venture's direct co-investments team.

The case study requires you to create an investment presentation on Tealium, an enterprise software company that helps businesses more efficiently analyze their customer data. What makes the case study unique is that the illustrative financials provided have Tealium burning cash throughout the projection period, which means you will need to address if you believe Tealium has a realistic path to profitability. The case study requests the creation of a detailed financial model and accompanying presentation that provides an investment recommendation. What adds an additional layer of difficultly to the model are the Articles of Incorporation, which are included and expected to be addressed in your deliverable.

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