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Auto Arb is a case study given out by Radian Capital, a growth equity firm that focuses on software and B2B marketplace companies. Prominent investments Radian has made include Jet.com (sold to Walmart for $3.3 billion) and Thinkific, among others.

This case study is designed to replicate the task of providing an investment recommendation based upon files in a data room and primary research. Auto Arb is a difficult case study, as it requires the candidate to parse through a combination of management provided forecasts and raw data for a nascent business model, a dealer-to-dealer wholesale car marketplace. To offset the difficulty of the case study, you are provided a significant amount of time to complete it (i.e., one week).

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  • Radian Capital Price: $27 (Selected via Custom Plan)
  • All Case Studies Price: $97 (Grants access to all 77 cases)


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